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The website from which you accessed this agreement ("the Website") is provided to you subject to the following conditions and additionally subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy. These terms are in addition to any other terms governing access to the Website. By visiting (in any manner) the Website you accept these terms and conditions (the "Terms of Service"). Please read them carefully. Any Non-Human Visitors to the Website shall be considered agents of the individual(s) who controls, authors or otherwise makes use of them. The access rights granted to you under the Terms of Service are non-transferable without the express written permission of the owner of the Website.


Special restrictions on a visitor's license to access the Website apply to Non-Human Visitors. Non-Human Visitors include, but are not limited to, web spiders, bots, indexers, robots, crawlers, harvesters, or any other computer programs designed to access, read, compile or gather content from the Website automatically.

Email addresses on this site are considered proprietary intellectual property. It is recognized that these email addresses are provided for human visitors alone. You acknowledge and agree that each email address the Website contains has a value not less than US $50. You further agree that the compilation, storage, and/or distribution of these addresses substantially diminishes the value of these addresses. Intentional collection, harvesting, gathering, and/or storing this Website's email addresses is recognized as a violation of this agreement and expressly prohibited.


Each party agrees that any suit, action or proceeding brought by such party against the other in connection with or arising from the Terms of Service ("Judicial Action") shall be governed by the law of the state of residence of the registered Administrative Contact (the "Admin State") for the Website as such laws are applied to agreements between Admin State residents entered into and performed entirely within the Admin State. You consent to the jurisdiction of federal and state courts within the Admin State. You consent to the venue in any action brought against him in connection with breaches of these Terms of Service. You consent to electronic service of process regarding actions under the above agreement.


You consent to having your Internet Protocol address recorded. An email address may appear immediately below (the "Identifier") if we suspect potential abuse. The Identifier is uniquely matched to your Internet Protocol address. Visitors agree not to use this address for any reason.


Additional Restriction to the Offer for Sale of Software

It is acknowledged that software is generally created and owned in each case by the individual Software Developer and licence to install or use or operate each software is made available for purchase under the applicable End User Licence Agreement(s) that may apply in each case without further warranty or statement of fitness by us for any particular purpose.
Additionally it is accepted as a condition of purchase that evaluation versions of software are generally available or can be made available upon request either to the Software Developer and in some cases through this website, and in every instance where this is the case, and whether or not said evaluation is made available directly through this webiste or not - it is understood that you have already tested each product before purchase and that you are satisfied that the software is working properly in your particular operating environment and is suitable for your requirements.
We reasonably expect that updates, bug fixes and the like can only be produced and certified for any software by the individual Software Developer, and when required the time frame in which this may happen (or not) and the method of delivery of same is entirely at the disposal of the individual Software Developer - although it is our expectation of the Software Developers whose Brands and Products we have chosen to represent that reasonable effort should be maintained to ensure that when necessary this happens in a timely manner.

Shipping, Freight & Delivery

We wish to advise that at times it will be impossible for Willtech accurately determine shipping costs in advance. We reserve the right to confirm and amend shipping estimates as required, and to request additional payment when necessary before your order is processed. Freight may at times be assigned without insurance unless expressly requested by you at the time of purchase. It is possible you may incur additional expense should duties or taxes be applied to your order other than any which may be required at the time of consignment for delivery. Any dispute or claim relating to shipping, damage, freight, delay or delivery should be initiated and pursued through the delivering agent as they are the only proper agent with which to initiate any such claim.

Force Majeure

Willtech shall not be in default under these terms nor liable for failure to observe or perform in accordance with any provision of this agreement for any reason or cause which could not with reasonable diligence be controlled or prevented by it, including without limitation, war, insurrection, riot, civil commotion, strikes, lock-outs, labour or industrial disputes, acts of God, acts of Governments or flood, storm, tempest, power shortages or power failure, inability to obtain sufficient labour, raw materials, fuel or utilities. During the period of an incident or incidents of "Force Majeure" this agreement shall be suspended and service and delivery will not be assesed for recommencement until after the incident or incidents of "Force Majeure" end.

Truthful, Accurate & Complete Representation

We warrant that we will make no attempt to deceive in any representation made through this website and further that we shall only make representations that we verily believe to be truthful, accurate and complete. You the visitor agree to be also bound by these complete Terms, Conditions and Applicable Law.


These Terms and Conditions may without prior notice and at the discretion of Willtech, or as required by law be varied or added to, or published at an alternative location.

No 'Error Free' warranty

We like you are human and by definition imperfect:-
All information included in this website is provided E.&O.E.