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Privacy Policy

Willtech Privacy Policy

Willtech expects that every individual values and has a right to expect a certain level of privacy.  Our privacy philosophy is relatively simple and applies to all those who have accepted the Terms & Conditions governing the use of this web site.

When you contact any standard web server your IP address and some basic demographic information is automatically transmitted. We use this information to collate basic, anonymous statistics except where otherwise noted. 

Some of your preferences (a login username for example) may be stored in cookies. These cookies may be read by our pages and matched to information already on hand in order to streamline your experience as you use this site (for example to provide an automatic login when available). You are not required to use cookies and these may be disabled through your browsers cookie disabling feature, however without cookies some or even all functionality of this site may become unavailable.

Information you manually enter and submit to Willtech during your use of this site, by email, post, or any other means, is regarded by us as strictly confidential. Willtech will not knowingly or willingly share your confidential information with any third parties for any reason without your consent except as may be necessary to fulfil any request made of us by you (to arrange for delivery or consignment of freight, for example), or as otherwise provided for in this Privacy Policy, or as required by applicable law. For your security and for abuse and fraud prevention we collect, store and use IP addresses in association with some of the interactions with this site that you may initiate such as providing contact information or placing an order.

We do not store credit card details anywhere on this site, in cookies, or otherwise online and we request that you do not use email to provide credit card details to us. Credit card detials for payment should only be entered into the specific form fields provided for that purpose after first ensuring that Secure SSL is being used as indicated by the padlock symbol shown in various places on different web browsers, and that you are also satisfied that the security of your intended operation is intact.

Online third party providers that your web browser may contact directly during your use of this site maintain their own privacy policies (PayPal, for example). We do not believe that the online providers we have chosen to work with impede this privacy policy in any way but if you have specific concerns please contact us directly as we would like to be aware of them, even though your interactions with other parties is not governed by us.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time and you should check this policy periodically for that reason.